During those week teaching, I find the game teaching is a good way for students pay attention to learning new things and reviewing what we had learned. I lead them to play Bingo and word flash card in Chinese. If they win the game, they can get price, a candy or a sharing time. I find they get more progress to remember Chinese words than before. But when play the game, the classroom discipline is not good, after playing games, they become more active and excited. I need to spend more time in class management. Everything has two sides, a good side and a bad side, What should I do?

经过这几个星期的教学,我发现游戏教学是一个让孩子们集中精力学习新知识和复习旧知识的好方法。我带领他们用中文玩兵戈游戏和字卡游戏,如果他们赢得了比赛,他们可以得到奖励,一颗糖或者一次分享的机会,他们比之前要努力的学中文,效果也很好,但是玩游戏的时候,课堂纪律不是很好, 特别在游戏之后,孩子们变得更有活力, 我需要花更多的时间管理班级纪律,什么事情都有两面性, 好的和坏的,我应该怎么办呢?