This week is Thanksgiving Day. My class is teaching students how to make a turkey handwork. Firstly, I tell them a story about Thanksgiving Day, let them Sharing their story with other classmates. We talk about who they want to thanks for. They thanks for their parents, friends, teachers, pets and so on. I am delighted they can be kind, they can thanks to other people. Then, we do the paper-cut, we cut the turkey step by step. They are all happy. Thanks for I can have this chance to teach them, witness their progress. This weekend, I will go to Chicago with my roommates, I am looking forward this trip.

这周就是感恩节了, 我的班级是教学生制作手工火鸡。 首先, 我给他们讲一个关于感恩节的故事, 之后,让他们与同学们分享他们自己的故事。 沃尔玛一起讨论自己想要感谢的人, 他们感谢父母, 朋友, 老师, 宠物, 我很欣慰他们能很学会感谢别人, 学会感恩。 我很感谢有这个机会能让我教他们中文, 看着他们进步就是我最开心的事情。 之后, 我们一起剪火鸡,他们很开心。 这一周的假期我和我的室友小伙伴们要去芝加哥玩, 我很期待欧。