This week, we met the China’s Consulate-General in Chicago consul-general Mr.Honglei. We all excited and appreciated it. We prepared some Chinese songs, paintings, instrument shows to him. He is amiable, he talked with us about our teaching experience, he cared for us and encouraged us keep on fighting. Thanks for Ms.Kathryn and Ms.Zhou giving us this opportunity to teaching Chinese in America. We will try our best to let our students make more progress.

这一周,中国驻芝加哥总领事馆总领事洪磊先生来我们学校看望我们,我们很激动也很感激。我们准备了一些才艺表演给他过目,他很亲切的与我们交谈,关切我们在美国的生活和教学,他还鼓励我们继续加油,谢谢周老师和Kathryn给我们这次机会来美国实习,教孩子们中文, 我们会尽力去做得更好,让我们的学生有更多的进步。