One of my biggest area for growth was classroom and behavior management. I discovered it was difficult for me to address behavior problems because I was initially worried that the students would not like me, and therefore, not respect me. I have a student who has behavior problem, he always can not control himself, he can not focus on learning. If I ask him not to do that, he will become “crazy”. If he do not want to do something, I can stay with him to let him calm down, but i need to charge other students, I am not sure how to help him is better. My senior mentor talk with me about him,we worried about him, and is parents want us help him more,in order to letting him into class; whatever, we will try our best to help him. 

      我最需要提高的地方是如何管理课堂以及学生的的行为问题。 我发现对我来说为什么困难是因为我总是担心如果学生不喜欢我, 我没有使用好恰当的方式去管理课堂, 他们可能会不尊重我, 我有一个有行为问题的学生, 他总是不能控制他自己, 他不能集中精力在课堂上, 如果我让他不能这样, 他会变得更加不能控制自己, 所以, 如果他不想学习, 我会陪着他, 和他聊天, 让他冷静下来, 但是我还有别的学生需要我, 我觉得这不是一个有效的办法, 我和班主任经常谈论如何帮助他, 他的父母希望我们多帮助他去融入课堂, 不管怎么样, 我们会尽力去帮助他。