This week is Halloween. We are looking forward it. Last week , we prepared the clothes that we would like to wear, I planed to dress up as a witch. Last Halloween, when I was an exchange student at Jacksonville State University, I was dress up as a ice princess. I hope this time I can have a different feeling. I also prepared a lot candy. We will have Halloween Night with my student’s families, I will trick-or-treating with children, we also toast marshmallows at the fire pit together. At my class, I teach my students a Halloween song in Chinese. “万圣节来了, 你要做什么, 万圣节来了, 你要装扮什么”. They like this song very much.

这周就是万圣节了。我们大家都很期待, 上周, 我们就已经准备好了万圣节的装扮, 我想要装扮成一个女巫, 去年万圣节, 我在杰克逊维尔州立大学交换学习, 我装扮成了一个冰雪公主, 这一次是完全不同的风格。 我也准备了很多的糖果, 我们会和我的学生的家人们一起度过万圣节前夜, 我会和孩子们一起要糖果, 一起烤棉花糖。在课上, 我教我的学生用中文唱万圣节的歌曲“万圣节来了, 你要做什么, 万圣节来了, 你要装扮什么”,他们都很喜欢这首歌。