I realized how important it was to find the delicate balance between friendship and leadership. I also realized that by trying to be the the student’s friends, it actually undermined their respect for me because they did not always take me seriously when I wanted to work. Firstly, I want to be their friends, I always remind them to do this , to do that. As a long time, they do not consider me as a teacher. Even they know how to tie their shoes, they pretend they can not, ask me to help them, they do not want to do anything by them self. Now I try to change my teaching approach, I need let them know how to respect other people.

我意识到友情和领导能力是完全不一样的, 它们之间是会有奇妙的关系, 需要我去平衡这两者的关系, 我发现我很想先和孩子们做朋友, 但是这会使得他们在课堂上不尊重我, 忘记我是一个老师, 开始, 我想做他们的朋友, 我总是提醒他们做这个, 做那个, 时间一长, 他们甚至都不想自己系鞋带, 假装什么都不会, 让我帮他们做每一件事情, 现在我改变我的教学方式, 我需要让他们知道怎样去尊重别人。