One of the most valuable aspects of my field placement was being able to observe a phenomenal teacher in action. Not only did I learn from simple observing senior mentor, but i also had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss any questions I had about teaching. This experience highlighted for me the importance of having a teacher-mentor at my first teaching job. Working with her also prepared me to communicate effectively and cooperatively with other teachers in the future. Especially co-teaching, the cooperation is important for it. Two teachers work together, mutual assistance is based. I am really appreciate with another teacher –Tsai.
对我很有帮助的一个主要方面就是能向一个有经验的老师学习, 观察她的教学方式, 不仅仅让我学习到如何管理课堂, 也让我学会和她一起讨论, 共同处理一些课堂出现的问题,也可以与她探讨教学的一些技巧, 这个经历对于第一次进行教学的我来说很重要, 和她一起工作也让我对日后的工作很有帮助, 有助于以后如何与其他老师交流,相处, 协助。 特别是对于协作教学, 两个老师一起工作, 一起协作。 我很感激能够和Tsai一起工作。