I was assigned to co-teach 1st grade students in Madison Elementary School with a senior mentor. On my first day, I managed to remember names of all the kids in my class and gained familiarity with work protocol, routine procedure and life schedules. I quickly built up rapport with my students, who are so active and smart. Unlike the Chinese kids I have taught before, American kids are more creative and know how to express their own opinions. To meet their specific needs and expectations, I tried to adapt my teaching approach in my group with around 10 students to make it more fun and interactive, Sometimes I led them to play games in order to review knowledge points such as reading and writing the Chinese vowels “a” “o” “e” “i” “u”. I enjoy every minute in teaching.
我在麦迪逊小学的一年级与一位有经验的老师一起进行教学, 在教学第一天, 我尽力记住我们孩子的名字,并且去熟悉我自己的教学工作任务以及一些可以利用的教学资源。 我很快和我的学生们熟悉起来, 他们很聪明也很有活力, 不像我之前所接触过得中国的孩子, 美国孩子更加有创造性, 更善于表达他们的想法。 了解了他们想要学习的东西, 我建立了自己的教学方式, 就是进行小组活动, 我负责一些比较落后的孩子, 大概10人一组, 我带领他们复习学过的拼音“a,o, o, i, u,”, 我很享受和他们在一起的时光。