Hello, everyone! Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Yahui Shi, you guys can call me Celia. I am a senior student at Changchun Normal University in China. I am appreciate that I come to Minnesota and I am happy I can be a volunteer of Confucius Institute to complete my internship in America. In China, my major is education of primary school. Last July, I was an exchange student at Jacksonville State University for one year. During that time, I learned the difference between Chinese education and American education. Also, I chose some courses about psychology of children that was helpful for working now. And I joined the Chinese Culture Club, I taught my classmates simple dialogue in Chinese.

     This time, I am working at Madison Elementary School, time goes so fast, I already stay here one month. Firstly, we come to each grade by turns to realize the different teaching approach. Then, according to the compatibility of two teachers, we are assigned to each grade. I am co-teacher at first grade. I like my students, they are actively and clever. We have different kinds of team work and course everyday. I take the charge of one group work. It might be 5 students in my group. I lead them to play game in order to review knowledge points. For example, read and write “a”“o”“e”“i”“u”with Chinese Spelling. I also have a 150 Chinese Words Test with them. I am so amazing they all doing good job. I think they are hard-working in studying. One thing that also touching me is the parents meeting. The biggest encouragement for me is parents’ support. I am proud of my class, my school Madison. I will try my best to help my students make progress.

    大家好,首先,请允许我做一个简单的自我介绍,我的名字叫石娅辉, 英文名是Celia。目前是长春师范大学的大四学生,很荣幸大四的实习能来到美国明尼苏达州做一名孔子学院的志愿者。我在大学的专业是小学教育, 去年7月, 我做为交换生在美国阿拉巴马州杰克逊维尔州立大学学习一年。期间,学习了中国教育及美国教育的差异,并且选修了一些关于儿童心理的课程,对日后的工作很有帮助。在美国交换的一年中, 我参加了中国文化社团,让我的同学们学习了中国文化及简单的中文对话。

     这次我被分配在麦迪逊小学协助中国教师教中文,转眼已经在小学一个月了,首先, 我们轮流到不同的年级,了解了不同年级的教学方式。之后,根据我们和班级里的主要老师的配合程度,我们被分配到不同年级的不同班级里,我被分配到小学一年级,我很喜欢我的学生, 他们很有活力并且很聪明。我们每天都有不同的小组活动和教学课程。我会负责一个小组活动,一个小组大概有五个学生,我会带领他们通过玩游戏来复习之前学习的内容。例如,让他们读和写拼音“a”“o”“e”“i”“u”,我还给他们做150个中文字测试,让我很开心的是他们的表现很好,他们都很努力的学习中文。让我很感动的事情还有家长会,给我最大鼓励的就是学生家长的支持。我为我的班级感到骄傲, 我为麦迪逊小学感到骄傲, 我会尽我最大的努力去帮助我的学生进步。